Make the most of renewable energy in Hertfordshire with air source heat pump installation and air source heat pump
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Heat Pump Installations in Hertford, Ware & surrounding areas

Heat pumps are an excellent way to heat your property using renewable energy.

These innovative devices work by extracting warm air from outside the property and expelling it inside the building through a carefully designed and installed system of vents. Here at Lacey Heating Ltd, we don’t just install high-quality air-source heat pumps for our customers across Hertfordshire and Essex; we also provide regular servicing to keep them operating at peak performance.
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Innovative Air Source Heat Pump Technology

We have a variety of air source heat pump models, ideal for domestic, commercial, or industrial use.
Whatever your particular situation,
our team of experienced heating engineers will recommend the ideal unit for the job and perform a full air-source heat pump installation for you.

Air Source
Heat Pump Service

Like all heating appliances, air-source heat pumps are most effective when regularly serviced.
Our team will visit your home or workplace and perform a full cleaning and inspection of your heat pump and its air distribution system to make sure it continues operating to the expected standard.

Save Money
Renewable Energy

Air-source heat pumps extract warm air from outside your building and distribute it to the inside of your property. Since it relies on a warmer outside ambient temperature, it’s a great way to heat your property without relying on gas, oil, or other fossil fuels. It’s the ideal choice for environmentally responsible businesses and individuals.

Why Choose Lacey Heating Ltd ?

There are many reasons to choose us for your air source heat pump needs in Hertford, Ware, and beyond.

Air source heat pump solutions near you

Our heat pump engineers are based in our Hertford office, from where they cover an area of 15 miles.
This takes in a large part of Hertfordshire and Essex, where they deliver our air source heat pump installations and services to customers throughout the region. They know the area well, ensuring a punctual arrival every time you call.
For more information, visit our Areas We Cover page.

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